I challenged DTM for the first time.

and this is the first music that i made.

Special Thanks : Alexandrea Congrejo


Fame Shades - Diamond on Jet (Vintage Wear)


Will U Cry

Love Tokyo R.I.P.


Sounds like a love song

Hair - MADEMOISELLE Caramel brown *Coming soon*(DejaVu)

Shirts - DIETRICH-shirt/white (Cachet)

Vest - DIETRICH-vest...blacks (Cachet)

Coat - MIMIcoat/dark gray (Cachet)

Pants - Pheobe (Apple May Designs)

Socks - SOCCER/SCHOOLGIRL socks (Cachet)

Boots - SoHo Boots 'Boho-Rock' (Maitreya)

Bag - SAGGY BAG/fabric/dark (Cachet)

Glasses - MegaStar (Gold/Black) (FNKY!)

Grove - Full Finger (DoMoCo)

Scarf - [Chunky Scarf] Large/Tartan red&white (Muism)

Box - Gift Box (::69::)



***From Left***

Cap - Cap-NewEra_TAPER [AKEYO]

Hair - PCD Black(soon to be released) [DEJAVU]

Jacket - RAS PARKA EMERALD [Marinesta]

Tee - Jet Setter Tee [Black] [Armidi Limited]

Skirt - Tiered Skirt

Socks - Sporty Socks [Detour]

Shoes - Maitreya Group Gift Pumps

Neckless - ILLMATIC/YG [.::FabulouS::.]

Grove - Full Finger [DoMoCo]

Ring - Everbloom Ring [Peper Couture]

Mizu###sou Ring (Not For Sale) [MIRAI]


Hair - ESCAPE 01 - lightbrown - [::69::]

Jacket - RAS PARKA GOLD [Marinesta]

Dress - Offshoul_Green [Mirrors*+]

Tights - Metallic Tights [Black] [Armidi Limited]

Shoes - Wonder Bird - Orange [Sweetest Good-bye]

Neckless - LOVE Necklace [Kookie]

Bag - Champagne[::69::]

Grove - Full Finger [DoMoCo]


Hair - YUKINA 3 Dark brown [DEJAVU]

Jacket - RAS PARKA PINK [Marinesta]

Mirrors*+Offshoul_Black [Mirrors*+

Socks - Sculpted Socks - Black [Maitreya]

Shoes - Slinky Stilettos Patent Lollipop [Maitreya]

Glasses - Urban Shades - Metal, Gold/Silver Topped [Vintage wear]

Neckless - Cock?Swan? neckless [Cream Shop]

Basket - Shopping Basket^^ (1L$) [.::FabulouS::.]


Hair - ESCAPE 01 - lightbrown - [::69::]

Jacket - RAS PARKA RED [Marinesta]

Tee - I <3>

Skirt - Dark Denim Skirt [Camie Cooper]

Leggins - fisher leggins wood [Fishy Strawberry]

Bag - Letterman Bag / Color menu [Republik]


My Life...


Glasses-MegaStar (Gold/Black) [FNKY!]

Stole-pashmina shawl *ice coffee* [Zaara]

Tee-Drama Queen [Fishy Strawberry]

Pants-Stonewash Jeans - PoL L - F10 - F [CALYPSO GIANO]

Boots-Ankle Boots Brown Suede (ji) [BAX]

Bangle-Glam Bangle(Black) [Cream Shop]

Nail-NAIL_PS warm Color set [bijou]

Umbrella-Umbrella(border brown) [Cream Shop]



I Got A Love

Hair - IN2U [::69::]

Glasses - Wuvme Glasses (Pink) [Caliente Express]

Tee - Distant Hearts Tee (White) [Armidi Limited ]

muffler - Linen stole muffler (Pink) [Cream Shop]

Jumpsuit - The Builder Jumpsuit (grape) [PINK Outfitters]

Bracelet- -Jewelry Cyrcle Dream -Gold- [REDGRAVE]

Glove - V-Glove Classic Doublepack [Vette's]

Shoes - Real Toe 2WayShort Boots ALL IN ONE PACK [J's]

Bag - HotelSwan&69 - Spangle Bag - WhitePink (s) [::69::]






Joyful Joyful :-)

Cuore LightBrown [fascino]

School Girl - Indigo+Red [Sweetest Good-bye]

Basic #000 Silver [Candy Nail]

CC3094 (Cherry) [FNKY!]

GroupGiftSet [MIRAI STYLE]


New release "ILLMATIC"

This iz a necklace of the square head.
Gold 100L$
White Gold 100L$
Check it :))


Byrd Gang Money

DOLLY GIRL 01 Hair Selection [::69::]

Outfit Sunday Girl [Emery]

AMBER Female Jeans 03 [Giusia]

ILLMATIC/YG [.::FabulouS::.]

Tall Boot (Croc Color Set) [Stiletto Moody]

John Titor Sunglasses [Mokoptica]

Seven Deadly Sins: The Greed [Lost Angel]



.+*XOXD*+.Brown&Cream [MIRAI STYLE]

OldSchool Earring-Gold [.::FabulouS::.]

GoldDigger-Pendantz [.::FabulouS::.]

Long Top - Angel - F [CALYPSO GIANO]

Producer Pant - black [Pink Outfitters]

Mizubousou Ring =)) [Not for sale]


Street Life

WindBlown (DarkBrown)[Aden]

John Titor Sunglasses [Mokoptica]

Cambridge - Aufren White wWhite [Gisaci]

praise chorus V tee [Emery]

Lagoon [bijou]

Bodystocking Widenet [Kitties Lair]

OldSchool Earring-Gold [.::FabulouS::.]

GoldDigger-Pendantz [.::FabulouS::.]


Feral~Browns [House of Heart]

John Titor Sunglasses [Mokoptica]

Striped Sequin Tank (Purple) [Camie Cooper]

Outfit Take Your Mama [Emery]

Bodystocking Widenet [Kitties Lair]

OldSchool Earring-Gold [.::FabulouS::.]

GoldDigger-Pendantz [.::FabulouS::.]


Charley (Naturals I Pack) [ETD]

Long Top - Love is a Gamble - F[CALYPSO GIANO]

Bodystocking Widenet [Kitties Lair]

OldSchool Earring-Gold [.::FabulouS::.]

GoldDigger-Pendantz [.::FabulouS::.]


WindBlown (DarkBrown)[Aden]

OldSchool Earring-Gold [.::FabulouS::.]

GoldDigger-Pendantz [.::FabulouS::.]